All Live Workshops (AAA)
Virtual Workshop
All Live Workshops (AAA)
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Data Security (DAS)
Self-Paced Course
Data Security (DAS)
In this short course, you'll learn how to protect your company’s data and equipment from security threats. We'll cover: - Using secure passwords - Protecting your equipment - Using email and the internet safely
Time Management (An Introduction) (ITM)
Self-Paced Course
Time Management (An Introduction) (ITM)
This course will help you: - identify your priorities - build an accurate picture of how you currently spend your time - learn techniques to help prioritise your tasks - deal with interruptions and time-wasters - plan your time It's a...
Learning Reflections & Plan (LRP)
Learning Reflections & Plan (LRP)
Use this PDF to reflect on what you've learned last month and plan what you'll learn next month.
Managing Your Inbox (MYI)
Self-Paced Course
Managing Your Inbox (MYI)
This course will help you organise your inbox and automate tasks so that you can break free of your inbox. What we’ll cover: * How to deal with emails in a way that suits you and your business * How to find emails quickly and easily * ...
Motivating Your Team (MYT)
Self-Paced Course
Motivating Your Team (MYT)
This course will help you identify what motivates you and what could be motivating other people. It will help you to identify which of your team members are motivated and whether their pride is in the organisation or the job they do....
Plan your Development (PDP)
Self-Paced Course
Plan your Development (PDP)
How to identify your own personal and professional development needs and how to select the best ways to improve your skills. Do you ever feel like • You’re plodding along, using the same methods, techniques and tools you always...
Presentation Skills (PS1)
Self-Paced Course
Presentation Skills (PS1)
An introduction to planning, preparing and practicing for a great presentation. This course, whilst self-paced, will guide you through practical activities to build on your presentation skills and help you become a confident presenter.
Working with Word (WWW)
Self-Paced Course
Working with Word (WWW)
This short course will help you to create professional looking Word documents easily. Microsoft Word 2013 is shown in this course, but you should be able to follow along from any version since 2010. After completing this course, you will be...
An Introduction to Word
Self-Paced Course
An Introduction to Word
This short course will introduce participants to some of the basic functions in Microsoft Word. It is perfect for those starting to work with Word or returning to working with Word after a few years. Aims: - To increase confidence when...

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